Design Speaker Series

Branding, Print

            Design Speaker Series (DSS), is a global program created by Dropbox.design to engage, inspire, and educate our team and community through a monthly lecture series. The event shaped itself to be digital event in the midst of the pandemic. The challenge was to foster a creative community, bringing people and teams closer together through this now, online event.

            The goal of the design is to create a distinguishable DSS identity to aimed to feel edgy, fun, and vibrant to advertise the event and boost event attendance. Given that our main audience was the design community, we wanted to create a recognizable identity that was tied to the Dropbox brand, but could also stand on its own.

Design  Anya Widyawati, Kavya Sivaraman, Elizabeth Gilmore, Jessica Svendsen
Production  Beauty Nazzaro
Stakeholders  Deepa Iyer, Hayley Bramble, Michelle Morrison


Open for collaboration or just coffee!      ︎       Open for collaboration or just coffee!       ︎