Branding, Packaging, Print
Academy of art University
Student work

Creating an athleisure movement that encourages a good balance between being active and relaxed. Our line integrates both leisure and athletic goods divided into four categories: Accessories Apparel, Wellness, and Personal Care. In our products, we used cool and warm vibrant colors to create a balance throughout, also taking into consideration of product placement in store shelves in order to stand out amongst its competitors.   

            Pneuma [ nü-mə ] has a basic meaning of ‘air in motion’, or ‘breath’ as something necessary to life – focuses on the wellbeing of all its consumers. Encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle, through its athleisure line products. 


Anya Widyawati, Annika Schneider, Bo Zhao, Patricia Catangui, Thavin Rajanakhan, William Liao


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